It is indeed true that the move to change logo was one of the smartest moves in YouTube’s history. However, the great transformation is not comparable to Uber’s silver U into a backward C. In fact, Bettig termed it an evolution and not a revolution as a lot of people have been referring to it.

It is almost at the same moment that the provider took to announcing a basket of the newest features, ongoing experiments and numerous planned changes.

The new look is seen by many as a remarkable one more so considering the ribbon which ties the moves together. It succeeds at highlighting the provider’s broader shift from a singular website to a new family that comprises various apps stretching across a multiple platforms.

Tying together a host of products with different uses and audiences was a major challenge during the redesigning that took place two years down the line. YouTube’s design and interaction team admits that it had indeed a tough time but they did what they could.

A project that kick-started way back in 2005 as a singular website set up for desktop internet users now exists on tablets, phones, television sets as well as in the game consoles.

Bettig opined, “We felt, because of all that growth, we were missing the mark. We wanted to make something more unified and cohesive, something that really reads as YouTube.”He added that they had been making efforts to come up with some form of a visual language that would be much easier for people to recognize.

Bettig is a Frenchman who spent about six years of his career working for Google and specifically at YouTube he has served for about three years. He is the person behind the  historical charge to rethink the logo.

The passage of time has been witnessing a lot of changes. One of them was the decision by the art department to just uphold simplicity in whatever that it did. Plans were made to put a new spin on the logo, but at the same time show reliance on iconography signifying the brand. Eventually, the play button, that UI element that lies at the center and at front of every video turned out to be a brand ambassador.