President Xi Jinping has always been a patriot and there was hope that his ascension to power meant well for China. He has expressed great confidence in the fact that China will soon be taking the “center stage in the world.”While speaking to Communist Party congress, the president said that socialism had in a major way contributed to the country’s rapid progress.

The congress is usually conducted once in every five years and Tuesday is the day it comes to an end. It is expected that more than 2,000 delegates will be in attendance and tight security will be employed to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

If all moves according to plan, the ruling party is expected to present the new members of China’s top decision-making body. In his three-hour speech, Mr Xi expressed his satisfaction with the country’s achievements. According to him, the country had already risen to become a major power in the world. It goes without saying that China has played a crucial in the history of mankind.

The president also said that the Chinese model of growth was working pretty well. He was confident that China had succeeded at providing a new choice for the other developing countries. Making a major contribution to humankind is a principle he has always rallied for and he added that China would continue serving as a good example.

Mr Xi ascended to power in 2012 and since then, China’s modernization and reform has been progressive. One outstanding aspect about Xi Jinping is the fact that he is quite an assertive leader especially compared to his predecessors.

He was a proud man as he gave a long and confident speech about the great achievements his government had spearheaded. In his opinion, the government had achieved “miracles” within quite a short period of time.

The president has said that he will not at all copy from the foreign political systems, urging the communist party to oppose anything that would hinder or negatively impact its leadership of the country.