US President Donald Trump who is feuding with US allies around the World will meet Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the White House this Friday. The two will then proceed to a golf course on Saturday. To some point, the two will be looking to reassure each other after a hard start dating from Trump’s days during his campaigns. Trump is in a move to show his mastery of diplomatic formalities that conduct US relations with countries such as Japan.

On the other hand, Abe is seeking to forge a personal bond with the US President. To him, Abe, the bond would overcome Japanese fears about his critical campaign trail rhetoric. This would hence reaffirm Japan of its security guarantee, keeping in mind that China has been asserting itself and North Korea has been giving threats against Japan.

Earlier on, the US Defense Secretary James Mattis paid a trip to Japan. It is during this trip that he reaffirmed Washington’s treaty commitment to defending Japan. The treaty did charge territorial disputes with China, and its intention to continue with stationing US troops there. However, Trump criticized this practice during his candidature. Mattis informed Japan that this will be the same message Trump will be having, to dispel any doubts that remains.

Japanese relationship reviews and reaffirmation moves

Abe confirmed Japanese eagerness to hear the assurance messages, especially after Trump and his staff sent out some negative tweets. Japanese officials also said that this will be an opportunity to review Tokyo’s sense of regional threats and go over trade and investments to make it clear that Japan sustains US jobs.

Abe will also be in a trial to elicit a reaffirmation of Washington’s security commitments as well as touting Japan’s economic contributions to the US. Matthew Goodman, a senior chair in political economy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies expressed his view on Trump and Abe meeting. He said that the goal of the meeting will be to project a sense of a strong and productive alliance.

Abe has made much effort to reach out to Trump and forge personal ties hoping that their friendship will solidify the US-Japan security partnership. He has been noted to offered gifts and one time presented Trump a brand new driver with a golden head.

He may also bring Japanese investment to US infrastructure. Also, a possibility of him raising the prospects of Japan buying more US energy was pointed out by Goodman. He may be in a mission to counter some rhetoric circulating in Trump administration and update Trump’s vision of Japan.