At a time when the global market for telecommunications is stiffer than the iceberg in the Arctic regions, news comes that Motorola is set to redesign the Lenovo brand.

Both brands, well known in China, have crisscrossed the battle lines also for the next generation of cellular devices.

Will the combined knowledge and realignment force other brands to rethink the way they develop products in future?

Lenovo and Motorola
As Motorola is set to design the Lenovo phones, Motorola may get some power but will the new branding be powerful enough to keep the company in competition?

It may be a huge gamble that may make or mar the two brands. Lenovo had already acquired Motorola Mobility in January 2014. The focus remains on smartphone development.

On global cues, the two brands are sending signals to the other smartphone developers to brace up their design and technology.

From this new assembly will come the Lenovo Vibe Shot that will be the barometer of the consumer’s stance in acceptance.

It may help the Chinese to determine how they need to redesign and align themselves strategically to remain relevant to the users and ever changing market for telecommunications.

Will this acquisition make any difference to Huawei, Samsung, Apple or other brands that dominate the market?

Does it offer a better ringtone to change the current equations for consumers who already feel the saturation in the telecommunication sector?

Motorola took over Lenovo from Google for $2.91 billion, hoping to make a better business model.