Apple is known for rapidly expanding its technologies, in all the industry fields that it has a market in, however, recent rumors point to a completely new industry niche for Apple. These rumors, are that Apple is working in cohesion with Carl Zeiss in order to develop a pair of Augmented Reality Glasses.

This rumor was confirmed true at the CES 2017, by an employee, who was working at the Carl Zeiss AG booth. Furthermore, it was revealed that this innovative product, may be announced later on this year.

More details on this partnership between Apple and Carl Zeiss

Despite this being an intensified hot-topic, there is no doubt that both companies are ensuring a strict rule of silence, from all individuals who are involved in the project. However, this is not the first time a rumor has circulated regarding apple involvement in developing its own augmented reality technology for glasses.

Previous rumors include that Apple was working on a pair of augmented reality spectacles, which are capable of wirelessly connecting to the iPhone and output images and other useful information to the user.

When will this project become official

At the moment, according to those who are familiar with the matter, the companies are only in the beginning stages of prototyping this project. There are further rumors, which explain that Apple has already contacted various suppliers who will be responsible for providing a few key hardware components for the project.

This may be a smooth development, due to the extensive expertise of both companies when it comes to augmented, and virtual reality technologies. These rumors are further solidated by the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, who has repeatedly explained the companies interests in Augmented Reality.

Although, originally it is believed that this project may be completed, and on retail by the end of this year. There is speculation from industry experts, that this product will only be ready for consumer purchase in 2018, or later.