WhatsApp is intending to relinquish some of the supported platforms. The messaging service has experienced several changes since the time it debuted, seven years ago. Some of the changes are enhancing security, offering a range of fresh emojis, improvements and introduction of fresh features. Introduced in 2009, WhatsApp has remarkably crossed one billion monthly active users (MAUs).


The app is ending support for certain devices as well as platforms. WhatsApp will end support for BlackBerry (including BlackBerry 10), Nokia Symbian S60 as well as Nokia S40 by the end of 2016. Also it will no longer offer support for Android 2.1, Android 2.2 as well as Windows Phone 7.1.

The Facebook owned app explained while these mobile gadgets played an important role in its history but now lack the technology required to expand functionalities in future. The decision to end support for these devices was difficult. However, it was the right one to offer users better ways to maintain contact with friends, loved ones and family utilizing WhatsApp.

When WhatsApp was introduced usage of mobile devices was very different from the present-day usage. Apple’s App Store had just started. Around 70% of smartphones were produced by Nokia and BlackBerry. Presently Apple, Google and Microsoft make up 99.5% of smartphone sales. In 2009, the three companies made up less than 25%. WhatsApp declared that in the future it wishes to focus its efforts on the popular mobile devices.

The news will be disappointing for people in several regions, especially developing areas where Nokia’s older operating systems are still in use. WhatsApp has grown a lot from its introduction as a simple mobile-messaging app. It presently offers voice calls with plans for the addition of video calls.

WhatsApp urged users having the aforementioned operating systems to upgrade to the newer version of Android or Windows Phone before the end of this year. This way they can continue utilizing the Messenger. However for those with BlackBerries they may have to buy a new device with WhatsApp support.