A team of workers from the British Petroleum have claimed to found the mystical Flying Spaghetti Monster, and they have captured an interesting video.

A group of employees from the oil and gas based company have spotted this noodles like bizarre creatures about 1325 metres beneath the water near the seabed.

The location where these creatures were discovered lies near the Coast of Angola in South Africa. These animals were identified as siphonophore by the marine scientists.

Flying Spaghetti Monster'

Siphonophores, they belong to a group of deep-water animals which includes the jellyfish and the corals.

These tightly knit colonies of organisms make single Siphonophores and they grow by cloning themselves. The work of these thousand plants is divided. Some just swim, and some feed and others only reproduce.

The nickname “Flying Spaghetti Monster “was given after the Pastafarianism god.

The videos that are obtained by the Mariners and riggers are being passed onto Daniel Jones, who is in charge of the National Oceanography Centre based in Britain.

He is a part of a project called Serpent which collects and catalogues the information of such mysterious marine life.

A close resemblance to the specimen of Bathyphysa Conifera was found by Philip Pugh, a colleague of Dr Jones. According to the New Scientist report, it has been found that the specimens are 40 metres in length.

Dr Jones was amazed by the dimension of the creature, and he was fascinated by the views the video received from all over the world.

The videos received a view of a quarter of a million in a single week of uploading the video.