Walmart has a series of cloud-based data centers and it has revealed that each of them will be using Nvidia Corp’s chips. The provider will soon be setting up a “GPU farm” (graphical processing unit) which will most probably be a tenth of the size of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) GPU cloud.

This provider falls under the category of those companies that have shifted away from AWS. Both Walmart and Target Corp consider AWS parent company Amazon to be an unattractive way to go. They firmly believe that it edges in on their profitable grocery business with its continued purchase of Whole Foods Market. They have indicated great reluctance in engaging with AWS as part of their own business models.

Walmart has also been in talks with partners and suppliers imploring them to cease using AWS services. At the moment, Amazon is posing strong direct competition to Walmart. Asides from Nvidia, there are also some other companies that are set to benefit from the move by the retailer to drift away from AWS.

Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure both stick out as viable alternatives to AWS for lot businesses. Walmart also employs a cloud computing technology based on OpenStack to serve its wide array of computing needs. The other additional retailers who have also been employing the OpenStack include eBay, The Gap and PayPal.

A top official working with Walmart stated, “Walmart has seen AWS parent company Amazon eat into its business for years and is thus loathe to use AWS cloud services for its own computing needs.”That was the main reason as to why it set up its own OneOps cloud while at the same time availing the OneOps core technology freely for other companies to use whenever they please.

The company has resolved to use multiple cloud providers though it did not outline them. At some point in this particular year, it evaluated that lineup promising to make numerous amends. The past 12 months saw Nvidia’s stock spike up by about 268 percent and that was remarkable performance.