The display inside one of Walmart’s stores that appeared to market firearms as one of the back to school items has been strongly condemned by the provider’s management. On Wednesday, the company made a statement outlining that it was doing all within its means to identify exactly which among its series of stores put up the controversial exhibit.

There was a sign that read, “Own the school year like a hero” and it lay directly above a glass case that was full of guns. The social media had been pretty quick to spread photos of it.

A lot of people have been crying out foul on Twitter outlining that they needed obtain an explanation from the company. One of the people went ahead to ask what Walmart was suggesting in relation to the matter.

Walmart had been quick it its response. It said that what was on the display was awful and horrible. Charles Crowson, who happens to be the company’s spokesman, has told CNNMoney that the company was quite unhappy and was working diligently to try and uncover which one of its stores the photo had been taken from. He went ahead to state that they were going to see to it that the sign was eliminated.

Earlier own, Walmart had unveiled a statement stating that it had already found the sign and eliminated it. Crowson outlined that was indeed a mistake. It is a matter that has sparked much talk among a lot of people with some forwarding claims that the provider had been doing it deliberately. The outcry was that the provider was instilling undesirable traits among the young in society. The company refuted such claims saying that it did not have such intentions.

However, it is important to outline that business challenges usually spring up from time to time. It is not the first challenge the provider is encountering. It remains optimistic that it will be able to make it through the current tragedy and move forward.

Some other serious cases have been reported in the company some years back and it resolved them amicably. This won’t be an exception according to one of the top executives working with the company.