In what was described by President Nicolás Maduro as a terrorist attack, the Venezuelan Supreme court was attacked with grenades dropped from a helicopter. In an attack orchestrated by police officer, who later identified himself through a video released on social media website as Oscar Pérez, 4 grenades were dropped on the supreme court building with several 15 fired at the ministry of interior. There were no casualties in the incident. However, president Maduro explained that a social event had been going on in the court building and the attack could have led to loss of life.

In the video released by the supposed terrorist, Pérez who was flanked by two masked men explained that they are not affiliated with any political party but they are nationalist. He also explained that the attack on the building was an attempt to correct the “tyranny” of government and was in no way targeted against the security of government. However, whether or not the police officer is a rogue officer or a member of a coordinated terrorist bunch is unclear at this point. His where about is also unknown at this point.

President Maduro in a release to the press after the incident ensured citizens that he has put the security forces on high alert. He also ensured the general public that the perpetrators of the “terrorist act” would be brought to book. The embattled president had been for the last three months faced series opposition even more from members of his government.

Venezuela who goes to the pools next month has experienced a lot of political upheavals in the past few months. First there was the decision to strong-arm the National assembly. Then, there was the death of the young protester in Caracas which garnered attention but quickly faded into the back ground. The country seems to be going through political instability that could make or mar its political future and the sight of law enforcement agents dropping grenades at the does nothing to remedy the situation.

The timing of the current attack seems to be questionable as there have been talks of coup championed by Maduro himself. The president had earlier on Tuesday make claims of a U.S supported coup in the country.

How the country navigates the current crises would do a lot to settle fears of political upheaval in the nation.