A van struck into Muslim worshipers who were leaving two mosques located near each other. One person was killed and ten others injured in the unfortunate incidence that happened early Monday.

In a statement, Prime Minister Theresa May said the incidence is being treated as an act of terrorism adding that she had for an emergency meeting later in the course of the day. According to reports from eye-witnesses, the van ran off the road and swerved onto a sidewalk which had a lot of people that were coming from the special night prayers which are always conducted during the month of Ramadan. Place have said two peoples have been admitted to hospital while two others were treated at the scene of the incidence.

Police have said they are handling “a major incident” adding that more police officers have been deployed to beef up security especially for people observing Ramadan. The Counter Terrorism Command has been deployed to investigate the incident with policing agreeing that it could be a terrorist attack.

Landon Mayor who is also the City’s first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan termed the incident as “horrific terrorist attack,” and planned attack on innocent citizens. He said although the attack seems to target a particular community like the Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge, it is an attack on people’s values of freedom, respect and tolerance.

A video footage showed one being led into custody and authorities have confirmed that one person was arrested.  The driver, who is said to be 48 years old, was apprehended by bystanders and was later handed over to police. Police said there are no other suspects arrested in connection with the incidence.

The incidence happened near two close mosques the Muslim Welfare House and Finsbury Park Mosque. In a tweet, the Muslim Council of Britain condemned the incidence and wished victims quick recovery.  A video taken just a few minutes after the incident showed people screaming and bystanders administering first aid on many of the injured. Soon, helicopters hovered over the place and later police cars and ambulances rushed to the scene. In statement, London ambulance services said they had sent a number of emergency help to the scene.