The Arizona Republican senator has been diagnosed with a brain cancer. The shocking news came after doctors detected a blood clot on the upper side of his left eye during a medical check-up last week. The Senator’ office made the surprising announcement yesterday. The warrior politician bears multiple scars radiating from his military lifetime, political campaigns, and health issues.

McCain has significantly accumulated many enemies as well as friends than most men on earth and he is considered a certified national hero. Eight years back, he stood before the coffin of his dearest friend and partner, Senator Edward Kennedy, who died of the same medical condition that has befallen him. Kennedy carried on for 15 months after he was diagnosed with a similar condition.

The sad news was received as a shock in Washington and has since prompted an expression of support from the public across the nation for the much-honored Republican politician. President Donald Trump and Barack Obama have already sent their thoughts and prayers to the 80-year old Senator.

Based on the findings from doctors at Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, the senator has a glioblastoma, destructive cancer which is connected to the blood clot complications. The senator and his family are assessing more avenues for further treatment which will include combining both chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

According to Meghan McCain, the senator’s daughter, the family is shaken by the painful news and she expressed confidence in her dad who has remained ever strong despite the numerous life challenges that he has gone through.

Close sources state that McCain who is also the chairman of the Armed Services Committee has been recuperating at his home in Arizona for some time and his absence forced the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell to postpone the health care legislations that he was supposed to act upon.

McCain’s family, friends, colleagues, and enemies have vowed to support him in all ways as everyone believes that the senator is a real fighter and will eventually overcome the battle. With effective treatment, McCain promises to soldier on for the sake of his loved ones.