The passing of the sanctions bill done by the US congress last week has resulted to the termination of the staff at the US diplomatic missions in Russia. This was confirmed on Sunday by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin intended to cut further the number of US diplomats working in Russia. More specifically, he wished to get it down to a figure of about 455.That is an equal number to that of the Russian diplomats based in the United States.

On Friday, there was the unveiling of a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry. It stipulated September 1 as the deadline for the staff cuts. At the moment, the United States hasn’t yet verified the exact number of the Russian employees currently working in Russia. However, Russia’s state television recently disclosed that 745 of 1,200 persons employed at the US embassy might get affected by the ongoing controversy.

The foreign ministry of Russia on Friday stated that the United States had plans underway to cut off its diplomatic staff in Russia. It also hopes to seize some two US diplomatic properties. One of them is a country house outside the Capital whereas the other is the Moscow storage facility .According to reports, it had been planned that Russia takes over the properties effective August 1.

A senior US State Department official on Sunday filed a response to Russia’s demand. He stated, “This is a regrettable and uncalled for act. We are assessing the impact of such a limitation and how we will respond to it.”

For quite some time, Putin has had his hopes held high in anticipation that matters would improve between Russia and the United States. However, the state media has expressed that the chances of that ever happening remain pretty slim.

While recently speaking to a number of top news reporters, the Russian leader said that they were going to come up with the best solution that would give Russia the dignity it rightfully deserves.

One of the top state officials of Russia in a retaliatory move has advised the United States to be careful in whatever it does. That is because its acts might be to the detriment of its own interests.