Apple is committing a large chunk of its resources towards updating GarageBand’s Sound Library. It seeks to unveil a wide range of options for the various music creators to enable them come up with the very best in terms of quality.

Recently, the company launched something that looked quite similar to the App Store. This send out speculations with a number of people thinking that the company was making efforts to offer its own sound packs right inside of GarageBand.

Rumors have been circulating that the company has been considering letting third parties join in. If everything moves according to plan, the provider might soon consider allowing companies to move ahead and publish their own content into the Sound Library. They will have the opportunity to even move a step further and charge subscribers for the music.

The most impressive part about the Sound Library lies in the fact that it provides a more user-friendly option for discovery and experts agree that it is a smart addition to an app which fundamentally targets amateurs.

Apple has been under pressure by the concerned parties to move ahead and disclose more regarding the update. Apple declined to confirm whether or not the update would be directed to the desktop version of GarageBand. However, one thing that is pretty clear is the fact that the two apps tend to stay in sync. The update might be arriving soon.

One of the top officials working with Apple is happy about the steps the company has made in the recent years. In making his statement, he said that the company had encountered serious challenges a along that way. However, it has been rather resilient in its undertakings. At the moment, it is rising to become one of the most vibrant companies around the globe.

Apple’s spokesperson opined, “The most recent development will help us maintain our relevance in the market as well as increase out competitive edge. It has been a long journey to get to where we are and we love each and every move we are making in the current times.”