The United States embassy in Cambodia is seemingly serious in its decision to deny Cambodians visas. The reason it gives for its decision is the fact that Cambodia has not been showing cooperation when it comes to taking back citizens the United States wants to deport.

The new policy pulls a long at a crucial moment when the United States has been quite vigilant in its efforts to crack down on all those persons that might be in the United States illegally. These visa restrictions have been set up in a move to influence the current standpoint of Cambodia. It is either deliberately refusing to accept its nationals or unreasonably trying to put up some delays in taking them back.

A top official working with the embassy stated, “The Secretary of State must order consular officers to suspend issuing visas until informed by the Secretary of Homeland Security that the country in question has accepted the individuals.”

With limited exceptions, the embassy took to discontinuing the issuance of visas to the for Cambodian foreign ministry employees that were above the rank of director general and their close relations as well.

This is not the only time that the two have gotten involved in serious squabbles. However, this year is witnessing a more serious stand-off between the two. Cambodia is opposed to the idea of taking back those persons convicted of crimes in the United States. According to it, the best way forward would be to renegotiate a settlement agreement in line with human rights facet.

China has promised to do all within its means to ensure the security of Cambodia regardless of the veracity of the circumstances that might come up. It also channeled about 30 percent of investment capital to Cambodia. On the other hand, Trump went ahead to propose a cut in the aid directed to Cambodia and the relationship between the two is getting stained by the day. One thing that is coming out more clearly is the fact that Cambodia is increasingly becoming more dependent in China than the U.S.