A Hawaii soldier who was detained for allegedly trying to support ISIS by providing training and material support told a secret federal agent that he intended to kill a group of people. A criminal complaint charges that Ikaika Erik Kang was arrested on Saturday, after pledging his loyalty to Islamic State and making the menacing statement.

Paul D. Delacourt, a Honolulu FBI Special Agent, said that a probable cause detention was done in the interest of public safety. They believe that Kang was only actor and was not allied with others who pose a threat to Hawaii. Delacourt stated that Kang’s arrest came after a probe that lasted for over a year, and involved numerous agencies.

The criminal complaint alleges that Kang attempted to supply material support to ISIS by delivering classified military documents, as well as sensitive but unclassified military papers, to persons he thought would pass them to ISIS. FBI officials stated that no classified materials reached to the terrorist group. However, the complaint also charges that Kang showed interest in fighting abroad for ISIS, and provided an undercover agent asserting to be a participant of the group training.

Additionally, the FBI added that Kang assisted in the purchase of a drone that he considered would be used by ISIS. He allegedly provided training to a disguised agent who alleged to be a participant of the terrorist group.

Defense attorney Birney Bervar mentioned that he had limited communication with Kang before the trial, but called him as cooperative. It would seem that Sgt. Kang may suffer from service-linked mental health problems, which the government was conscious of but ignored to treat.

Kang enlisted in the Army in 2001, shortly after the unfortunate 9/11 attacks. His father expressed that he is completely shocked by the accusations against his son. He is a great kid and not real outgoing; instead he is just a normal child who was raised in Waimanalo. Ikaika Kang was positioned to Iraq in 2010, and worked in Afghanistan in 2014.

The criminal complaint mentioned that a FBI forensic check of Kang’s computer revealed classified military documents and many items that referenced violence and ISIS.