Two tech students from Virginia, Washington have been accused of abducting and murdering a 13-year-old-missing girl, Nicole Madison Lovell in Blacksburg. The remains of the girl were discovered on the Route 89, along the Virginia line in Blacksburg’s Surry County. The teen has been missing since the last four days. The two students were arrested almost immediately.

Natalie Keepers, an engineering sophomore was arrested first by the Virginia Police, and it was followed by the detention of another Virginia Tech student, David Eisenhauer, 18 from his Blacksburg dorm a day after. Natalie, 19, faces the charges for improper body disposal.

Natalie had a liver transplant

Nicole Madison Lovell, who lived near the North Carolina border, had a liver transplant and was found missing from her Blacksburg, Virginia home. According to her mother, she climbed out of her bedroom window between midnight and 7 am.

It was imperative for her to take daily medication and hence the police were more anxious to find her quickly. The pictures of Nicole‘s dead body show that the girl had received a tracheotomy.

Eisenhauer charged with first-degree murder

Eisenhauer has been accused of abduction and first-degree murder. According to Lt. Mike Albert from Blacksburg police, the student knew Nicole Lovell however; the police did not make any comment regarding the nature of their relationship.

The police officer said that Eisenhauer took advantage of his relationship with the teenage girl for the abduction and, later on, killed her. He further added that Keepers helped Eisenhauer dispose of the body of Nicole. At present, both the accused are booked without a bond at the jail in Montgomery County.

Anthony Wilson, the Blacksburg Police Chief said that the investigation was being carried out very fast, and the police will have a great deal to do as there are lots of evidence to collect and analyze and interviews to conduct. The police will try to construct a proper timeline of Nicole’s murder after analyzing all the proofs.