Massachusetts: August 4, 2015: Last Tuesday two great white sharks were pictured swimming very near to a Massachusetts beach.

These are the same great white sharks that were identified on July 28 by John Chisholm of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries who is working with Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.

The photos were captured by a photographer who shot the aerial view of the great white sharks.
Two white great sharks

Cynthia Wigren, president of Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, said they spotted multiple white sharks on Tuesday and got enough footage of two for the scientists to identify them. She also added that the sharks were as close as a quarter mile from the coast.

During the research trip earlier this year, around six white sharks, three new, two spotted earlier this season and one identified last season, were located close to Chatham.

Out of this one female white shark was tagged during the encounter in the research trip.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has shared this info on the Facebook page.

The Conservancy is now working with Chisholm to conduct a five-year white shark study to determine how many are in the Cape Cod area.

The Conservancy has identified 68 new sharks in the region, of which three have been tagged.

Two great sharks

The activity has been greater this year, and they’re hoping to spot white sharks as the season ends only in October.