It was at the start of this month that news started circulating over a data analytics firm which had misused information from Facebook to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential campaign. The social media giant has finally confessed that it has been one of its most trying periods since it was first established.

An official working with Facebook in a recent interview conducted by several news reporters said that it was sad on their part watching a reputation and brand name they had spend so much effort and time to building go up in ‘flames’ just because of one firm that had resolved to take advantage of it.

The heat isn’t yet over and again it is about another unfortunate incident which has to do with a leaked memo which is apparently advocating for a culture of aggressive growth.

Andrew “Boz” Bosworth was the one that wrote the memo and that he did it way back in 2016.A person well conversant with the matter but who wanted his identity kept anonymous has outlined that it placed a premium on wooing people to sign up for or choose the network over the rest.

That would be regardless of whatever the social media guru does. It assigned the social media giant all the freedom implying matters would move as it chooses. In case the company wanted to connect the users to terrorists, it would do that with a lot of ease. On the other hand if it saw it fit to expose users to bullying, it would again accomplish that easily.

Bosworth, the official entrusted operating Facebook’s hardware business has moved ahead to give his opinion outlining that in one way or the other one could have lost his/her life after getting exposed to bullies. According to him, it was a great thing that as a company they were connecting people, however, it would be unfortunate if such a great service could turn out to causing harm.

In a number of tweets he came out clearly as acknowledging the memo outlining that it was meant to either spark about debates or provocation. Data scandals have been on the rise lately and that sends out the question if this time around CEO Mark Zuckerberg might be compelled to stand in front of the Congress to answer to a number of critical questions. From the look of things, that could be happening sooner than expected.

Both the critics as well as the defenders of Boz have caused quite a stir on Twitter and each one of them gave his perspective regarding the matter. Antonio García Martínez has in the past worked together with Bosworth and he has been one of the people that have been quite vocal about this particular matter.

In making his statement, he asserted that person who unveiled the memo had committed a terrible mistake of stripping it of its context. He delved much deeper into the matter to say that the churning of news was a bad thing since it could end up impacting the employees of Facebook in negatively which wasn’t necessary.

The interference of the previous elections in the U.S was terrible at the very least. Most of the people have been wondering about the sort of debacle it could be inflicting on the social media guru. Some have suggested lack of trust whereas others think it is a potential regulation.

One market observer following closely on the matter believes it is none of the above. He asserts that it will be the crumbling of internal unity of purpose and morale terming it a major disaster since those where the fundamentals that got the company to where is it today.