Outcome Health has invited the services of Nandini Ramani, who was earlier working as Twitter’s former vice president of engineering. The new official will be serving as the provider’s first chief engineering officer. He will be entrusted with the provider’s software and hardware efforts.

Outcome has over the years been providing in-office tablets to doctor’s offices. These tablets are designed in such a way that they are able to engage with the various patients at the point of care and they also enhance healthcare outcomes.

Ramani happens to be one of the best hires and a lot of eyes are fixed on her to see the transformation he brings about. Earlier this year, Outcome was able to raise  a $500 million round at a more than $5 billion valuation.

Ramani has stood out in terms of good performance and has been rated one of the most powerful female engineers across the world. She also made a name for herself after successfully having engineered efforts across Twitter’s more than 1,300-person tech team. Before moving in to work for Twitter in 2014, she had led the $320 million Java business unit at Oracle.

Vivek Kundra was brought on board by Outcome in January and he is the person that Ramani will be reporting to. In addressing the management board, she expressed the fact that Healthcare had for a long period of time been a matter that she held in high regard. She proceeded to say that indeed Outcome Health’s impact on society had over the years been tangible and meaningful as well.

She opined, “In addition to Outcome Health’s commitment to its mission, the addressable market and track record of growth are remarkable. Building a platform that can deliver better decision making, clinical workflow and health outcomes is a rare opportunity, especially at this scale.”

Twitter is one of the Silicon Valley social networking giants that Outcome took an executive from. There are however other companies where Outcome drew its workforce from. Blake Chandlee was hired in April and was to serve the company as the EVP of industry solutions and emerging businesses.