Twitter will not be taking part in the development of chatbot, a trend that is rising growing very quickly. In its participation, the social network will be introducing new features and primarily for advertisers, which will allow promotion of ads by businesses. If well designed, the advertisements should be able to offer personalized experiences to consumers who are within Direct Messaging the likes of chatbots.

Interactions will be carried out through a “Direct Message Card,” which is new but has a provision of customization either by an image or video. Apparently, Twitter’s cards are not comparable to Facebook chatbots. Their aim is to create an environment in which people can interact with the brand. Private messaging should not only be fun but also transactional.

Businesses are taking advantage of the new format

It is not clear how soon consumers’ would embrace the use bots. However, a few businesses are already taking advantage of them even though it seems like Twitter could be testing the waters with chatbots.

Nonetheless, through their interaction with the bot in question, there is hope that businesses could entice their consumers into resharing their experiences. The use of a simple tweet prompt would perhaps change things around. Furthermore, who is not interested in growing their businesses?

But earlier attempts into this space have failed

The future of chatbots is very uncertain given that the first from Facebook were not as compelling as expected. They fell short of consumers anticipation having left them feeling like their interaction with them was more of using a messaging-based version of a call center’s phone menu.

However, despite the uncertainty, many tech firms have continued to invest in the same space. Microsoft, for example, unveiled its chatbot’s framework for Skype sometimes last year and just a while ago, it introduced the same to LinkedIn. Google has not been left behind either with its chatbot analytics platform, Chatbase.

Nonetheless, Twitter is yet to establish whether or not its Chatbots are anything many brands would want to adopt.