Twitter Inc has the potential to grow and become the go-to platform for niche sports. A wide array of the National TV contracts on major networks for baseball and football are at times valued at billions of dollars.

On the other hand, minute leagues such as the NLL most at times receive no rights fees. In fact, there are instances where they have been compelled to pay to be on air. The ESPN’s 2016 broadcast of the NLL playoffs recorded an average of about 4,000 viewers.

Asides from that, Twitter has been seen to pay more focus in securing NLL rights, a matter it hopes will give room for the passionate fans to watch the games that interest them. In this particular year, NLL had an average of about 344,000 viewers on Twitter.

Analysts have praised the move by Twitter to strike a partnership with the National Women’s Hockey League. They two will come together in a joint move to stream about 19 games. This will of course be for NWHL debuted in October 2015 in the season of 2017-2018.

As a matter of fact, the NWHL debuted in October 2015 and the partnership was observed as appropriate representation of the social media giant’s collaboration with a professional women’s sports league. This league in the recent years hasn’t witnessed immense success on other platforms as stated by come company executives.

The best example may be the company’s 2017 All Star Game which garnered about 6,000 views on YouTube. But this doesn’t necessarily indicate how enormous the provider’s viewership base will be. At the very least, the alliance gives more access to the NWHL’s existing fan base.

In the meantime,, Inc has been doing much towards securing more popular sports rights in a bid to attract global audiences. The company has expressed great interest towards the acquisition of sports with global appeal as revealed by Bloomberg.

Amazon understands just how important global appeal is. For a long time it has been enjoying a strong international presence.