The attitude President Trump puts up every passing day continues to shock people around the globe. It doesn’t add up that Trump takes some extreme actions yet he doesn’t seem burdened with their consequences at a personal level.

It goes without saying that indeed the Republican tax bill will eventually pass and this will put him on the cusp of his first major legislative achievement. At this point in time, the leader is the highest-profile man living with accusations of sexual improprieties. It surprises a lot of people that he continues maintaining his position without any repercussions.

Apparently, Trump has internalized the belief that impunity is nothing drastic for him. This information was disclosed by a number of people close to him. The sad bit is that his political base has been rather dishonest with him. Instead of criticizing him it has constantly applauded his acts cheering him on.

Most of the Republican leaders have been showing him that he is still on track. His staff has been spotted a number of times trying to tailor an explanation for his misbehavior. In other instances it just laughs off what he does and that gives him the incentive to go on and on.

John F. Kelly, who is the White House disciplinarian while speaking to reporters, defended himself outlining that it was not up to him to control the president.

Over the years, Trump has constantly been self-sabotaging controversies as well as firing off incendiary tweets. He seems to be thriving a huge deal in the trafficking of conspiracy theories and at any given time the leader can fix himself on almost any storyline.

GOP campaign consultant, Alex Castellanos, in a recent statement asserted that the American leader did not have anything to lose at this point in time. According him, the world had become polarized and thus it was possible to burn down the same house twice.

A former Trump campaign adviser, Jason Miller, stated, “A very small number of people, primarily in New York and Washington, are complaining about the Trump tweets, and most of the rest of the country is talking about the need for stricter border security and the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”