President Donald Trump is at the moment targeting economic progress. And he has made it clear that in his first State of the Union address he will speak elaborately on the matter. He sees great need to focus on the construction of bridges and roads. And he thinks that dream will only come true if he manages to push for bipartisanship with Democrats on the matter. Trump, now more than ever is showcasing great determination to help the U.S move past the Russia investigation.

It was on Sunday when the White House disclosed that the President was going to speak about the low unemployment rate and the robust economy over his first year in power. He also directed much effort towards the attainment of a major tax overhaul and of course it will be one of the issues he will be highlighting. Several aides think that is will be for the general good if Trump will shun combative tone for the sake of bipartisanship and compromise.

White House legislative director Marc Short said that it was easy to tell that Trump would be heaping praises at himself trying to showcase just how America was regaining its lost glory. It goes without saying that great approval rating is something the leader desires.

He went further to outline that the Americn leader would also make an appeal to the Democrats asking them to join him in rebuilding the country. He will tell them that the best way for America would be to take up the bipartisan approach since that would help them work on the state of the country’s infrastructure.

It is also expected that Trump will call upon all the Democrats to show their support for the additional military spending since a lot was happening at the moment on the global arena. Dramatic threats were being directed at the country and there was need to stay prepared at all times. Trump isn’t seemingly the kind that would be comfortable with an impeachment motion against him.

A person familiar with the most recent developments opined, “Vice President Mike Pence will attend a tax overhaul event in West Virginia on Wednesday and speak to the GOP congressional retreat later in the day. Pence will hold events in the Pittsburgh area Friday.”