Following Donald Trump’s controversial remarks in regards to women on a tape that dated back last 2005, recent Bloomberg Politics poll showed that Hillary Clinton leads over Trump by 9 points.

Clinton’s 51% over Trump’s 41% reveals that his apparent low remarks for women drew flak over his presidential candidacy.

A republican pollster, Micah Roberts stated that the voters are convinced that Trump has not achieved his campaign objectives.

Roberts revealed that “Camp Trump had to make a great number of voters comfortable with his candidacy, this has not happened.”

On a more recent poll Clinton has soared to an 11 point rise. The Democrat looms a 48 % lead against her Republican predecessor’s 38%. Out of nine major polls, only one shows Trump leading while the others to the latter’s forerunner.

Clinton on the other hand, is on the same status as Trump last January but made improvements on her image through a series of cleaning up and image building strategies.

Trump earlier denied the accusations made by several women claiming that he sexually harassed them, stating that they were all false and only a conspiracy concocted by his rival in an attempt to taint his image.

Regardless of Trump’s statement, Washington Post-ABC News poll found 68% of the voters believed that he did indeed make unwanted sexual advances towards women.

Trump also stated that the upcoming election is rigged, everything – including the votes are fraud and everyone is on it. This is his counter attack towards the issues that has got his name involved as the upcoming election looms around the corner. He has no base or proof for his allegations on the other hand. The voters are also unaffected by his statement as recent polls show that Clinton still continues to rise against Trump.

With less than 20 days before elections, and some voters in other states already casting their ballots, Trump and Clinton’s last chance of redemption is the incoming debates this Wednesday atLas Vegas. Trump will be facing the allegations against sexual misconduct on women and Clinton against theft.

The upcoming debate is expected tobe the deciding factor for those who have still yet to choose on whom to cast their votes on.