President Donald Trump issued a new order on Sunday, placing travel restrictions on seven countries, thus affecting those who want to travel to the U.S.

Most of the countries that are included in the newly released travel restriction changes had been included in the travel ban that was signed a few months ago, causing some controversy. The new changes were announced on Sunday evening and they come just as some of the previous bans were approaching expiry. Countries affected by the new travel restrictions include North Korea, Chad, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, and Venezuela.

Most of the countries affected by the new travel restrictions are Muslim. Despite the new travel limits, the U.S will implement waivers for travelers that already have Visas. Trump’s travel ban in January caused a lot of criticism and even set off a legal battle that challenged his authority. The travel ban underwent some changes in March and the expiry on Sunday necessitated some new changes, thus the new travel restrictions. North Korea, Chad, and Venezuela are new to the list.

“As president, I must act to protect the security and interests of the United States and its people,” stated Trump.

White House officials revealed that the changes have been carried out through an executive order. They also pointed out that the new changes will remain in effect until the listed countries address the issues that led them to be on the travel restriction list in the first place. The East African country, Sudan has reportedly been dropped from the list and the new changes are expected to take effect on October 18.

Trump also released a statement saying that the new travel restrictions represent actions that the government is taking to ensure safety and security for Americans by restricting entry into the U.S. POTUS also stated that making America safe is number one priority and that the U.S will not admit individuals that it cannot safely vet. He also pointed out in his statement that “the tougher the better,” though he did not elaborate. The travel restrictions on North Korea and Venezuela highlight their volatile relationship with the U.S.