Politics- It is hard to imagine that Trump is still in the game even after his epic fails in especially with the immigrant issue. However, the man is still vying for the presidency.

Perhaps it is time for political analysts to accept that he is here to stay. His status is further pushed by the fact that Trump has been leading the GOP national field for the past 91 days. This means he still has a good shot at the position of the Republican presidential nominee. Trump’s claim to send immigrants packing was seen as an outrageous thing for a politician to say, and it certainly took away his luck with various demography groups.

Trump also stated his plans to talk to Vladimir Putin with regards to enforcing the nuclear deal with Iran. His aim is to keep US troops out of Syria. Despite the unorthodox nature of his remarks, some people seem to have been impressed by his plans.  After all, families want their brothers and sisters in the army to be home safe, and most Americans are discretely angry with immigrants because they take up too many jobs, thus denying the locals some employment opportunities.

The most recent popular claim from Trump is his claim that he would have stopped the 9/11 events if he was the president. Trump openly attacked his opponent Jeb Bush and criticized his brother (George Bush) and his leadership decisions during and after 9/11. Trump’s strategy seems to be working for him because his popularity has been on the rise while Jeb’s run has been weakening.  Trump claimed that had he been the president during that time, the politicians would not have been in the country at the time. Trump still maintains that he blames Bush for all that transpired during 9/11. Trump’s aim is to use the situation to his advantage by pulling in support from other people who feel the same way about Bush.