Analysts have speculated that regardless of whether the prudential campaign is won by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the elections will mark the beginning, of the end of modern-day feminism. Furthermore, it has been predicted that Feminism in the overall definition should be considered a scam. Innovative but redundant.

There has always been a war raging around the term of Feminism. Critics claim that this is just a rumor, if evidence is considered, it is apparent that Feminism is not required in modern society. AmericanThinker stated that they believe Feminism has never been a liberal aspect of American Life.

In the article, they state that women have never been true ‘victims’ such as the way black people were enslaved during the Apartheid era in South Africa. They further reported, that investigation into the matter revealed the opposite was true.

Who is most likely to end Feminism Trump or Hillary

Although, it is impossible to predict who will be the winner of the upcoming presidential election. Reports done by analysts in the field have indicated that a month prior to the presidential debate, it seems that Trump and Hillary are currently tied in support for their stance as president.

However, Trump has shown a worrying level of unsupportive concern towards feminism as a whole, throughout his past. He has repeatedly opted for somewhat ‘ boys will be boys’ stance. Trump further illustrated his lack of belief in Feminism through his somewhat ‘don’t-care’ attitude towards sexual assault. The tweet can be found below:

Although, Trump may be opting for a more equal ‘tough treatment’ on both women and men alike, Hillary does not seem as if she will do much better.

Will Hillary Clinton continue on with Feminism

Although it is well-known that Clinton is known for being a feministic woman. There is speculation that regardless of whether she opts to improve feministic cultures throughout the country, or attempts to make it redundant, people will not listen.

The reason behind this is the simple fact that throughout America countless people have adamantly stated that they don’t trust her, and don’t believe she should be president. However, due to evidence provided from the current voting statistics, there is proof that some people do believe the will be a better candidate than Trump.

 It is believed that a fair amount of these voters are those that are in support of ensuring Feminism remains a viable solution throughout America.