Gerard Ryle, an investigative journalist and director of ICIJ (International-Consortium-of Investigative Journalism), lead an international team of 376 experienced journalists, from more than 100 news organizations, 76 countries, and 25 languages, to unearth the world’s biggest offshore account secrets. The 11.5 million copies of leaked documents detailing activities that have been ongoing for the last 40 yearswas simply unparallel.

This revelation did not only shake the foundations of some governments, but led to some leaders to resign based on the gravity of the issued revealed. It was the same all over the world as the information was published concurrently, leading to citizenry outcry in Iceland, Spain, Britain, and Pakistan, to mention a few.

The reportersspendseveral months researching documents andcoordinating with others in different countries. At the same time, they had to share information pertinent to their areas of jurisdiction. In the course of research, they used highly encrypted communication channels, bespoke channels, and other related specialized tools in order to keep their findings within the group.

The panama papers are the biggest investigative leak in journalism so far, unmatched in scope and detail. This is one thing that has set a new trend in journalism-and so news reporters can now take advantage of new technology and incorporate it with the old journalist models. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of time to verify 11.5 million documents and eventually make sense of it.

John Doe

The whistle blower who contacted GermanSüddeutscheZeitung (mainstream newspaper) remains a mystery to this moment. He stated that he only shared the documents because of the scale of injustices that would eventually be revealed to the public.

The biggest challenge of the reporters was to make everything in the vast documents make sense. The media houses were chosen based on trust and previous experience, and leads that were found in the documents. The virtual newsroom is actually what made it easy for the large number of journalist to share what they came across.

The biggest sheer of revelation

Was the number of names of political leaders, business bigwigs, and sporting celebrities that kept popping as the documents were beingexamined? It was not only about Vladimir Putin, David Cameron, Petro Poroshenko, but the likes of likes of Lionel Messi were extensively mentioned in regard to tax evasion.

In retrospect

Some of the people elected to govern are the same leaders who are behind the biggest scandals in the countries they serve. Overall, the panama papers reveal the mystery behind offshore accounts and how billions of dollars evaded in tax evasion.