More often than not stories by men are deemed to be of importance while those of women are thought to be just about women. However, Jude Kelly, the starter of a festival called WOW, Women of the World, seven years ago has something interesting about Art; which describes what humanity has done ever since it evolved.

Art can also be described as how we speak about ourselves, understanding our identity and how we look at our surroundings. Divine knowledge comes down through the masculine regardless of the receiver. We are also made to understand that creative genius resides in the masculine.

Is it the reason why men feel they have been given the mantle for universal communication?

Yes; because a lot of books and films are written by male artists or rather through a male perspective. Nonetheless, females need to have 50% of the rights for the stage, the film, the novel, and generally a place for creativity. But look at it this way, why is it that when a man writes about doing the dishes, its realism and when a woman writes about doing it, it’s an untoward hereditary outlook?

But we have to find a way of stopping women from feeling that their story doesn’t matter

Once you feel that you can’t stand in the central space and speak on behalf of the world as a woman, you will tend to do smaller work on smaller stages. This will also affect your economic power and the ability to reaching out to audiences. That means giving artists prominent spaces in the world because they remain incredible storytellers.

Apparently, the message of incapability of women is being told to women in Nigeria, China, in Russia, and in Indonesia. Nevertheless, we must all endeavor to make a change even as we support women artists but through other means the likes of buying their work. Every girl must be able to stand there and think about her entitlement to her dreams, her destiny and her ability to speak to the world recognized.