Sir Francis Galton gave an in-depth talk regarding why beauty happens to be quite gripping to most of the humans. First and foremost, the study of this captivating concept requires the use of numerous cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology tools. According to him, the science revolving around some particular configurations of line, color and form that usually excite humans is quite fascinating.

He was giving his talk at the anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland. The presented a technique that was quite effective towards helping characterize the different kinds of people. By combining numerous photographs of the hard-core criminals, the scientist believes that it would be possible to discover the face of criminality. However, the results have shocked him after he obtained a beautiful composite portrait.

The scientist’s finding has raised numerous questions. The first question is about exactly what beauty entails and what it actually is. It is actually confusing that some particular configurations of color and line and form end up exciting humans.

For a large chunk of the history of humans, some of the questions have been addressed using both speculation and logic. But in the last few years, different scientists have been looking at the great question critically. They have been drawing help from a number of tools in neuroscience as well as psychology.

They have succeeded to hit a number of conclusions regarding the why and how of beauty. The researchers narrowed matters down to the human face and form. As a matter of fact they have been stumbling upon some drastic surprises.

When it comes to humans observing aspects of beauty among each other, the perception heavily depends on several factors attributed to the overall survival of a group. It goes without saying that indeed the associated sculpted factors are very crucial in this particular regard.

A series of experiments have of course been conducted with most of them indicating a few fundamental parameters that give the human face what is regarded as attractive. The effects of hormones, averaging as well as the symmetry were some of the factors brought under consideration.