Shah Rukh Khan narrates his experience as a movie star and how it relates to humanity and love.

True definition of humanity

Shah believes in humanity. His father was a freedom fighter and he lost his parents at the age of 20. When his father died he learned the crude survival tools. That you eat what you get and you do whatever you are told to do.

In his locality, they depended on systems created through the hard work and sacrifice of earlier generations and that actually the government worked for their betterment. Science then was simple and logical and you were who you were and said what you desired.


Then he had moved to Mumbai and everything began to change. He met people from all walks of life and definitions became more fluid. Work defined people and all system felt less reliable. Ideas flowed with enhanced freedom and speed. He experienced the miracle of innovations and cooperation as well as his own creativity.

At 40, he was flying and humanity was soaring with him. The internet came and he was not ready for the expanded ideas and connectivity with the improved connectivity globally. Everything took a new meaning and the world was always there to judge.

Slowly reality became virtual and the virtual became real. He could no longer be himself or say what he thought and humanity identifies with him. Humanity was slowly changing into an overexposed prima donna.

Lessons on humanity

This is the momentous time for humanity to exist. The present is brave and hopeful, innovative and resourceful as well as indefinable. He has learned that power and poverty cannot make one’s life more magical nor less tortuous. The dignity of a human being, a life, a religion, a culture, a country resides in the ability for grace as well as compassion.

He also learned that whatever moves you, or urges you to build, to create, whatever prevents you from failing, whatever assists you to survive, is more than likely the oldest sans well as the simplest emotion ever known to mankind. It is love.