Chemical biologist Carolyn Bertozzi in giving her inspirational talk highlighted human cells saying that all of them were coated with sugars that stored information. Asides from that, she said they also spoke a secret language. The inspirational speaker delved into the matter outlining that they revealed a lot regarding any given person’s blood type. It is able to tell whether or not one has cancer by examining them critically.

The scientist outlined that the various cancerous cells usually interacted with the human immune systems. The body has a unique way of detecting cancer. A number of scientists recently conducted a study where they sought to strike a better understanding regarding cancer and the possible medicines that could be used to fight against it. The medicine would start by empowering the immune system and from that point the immune system would be able to beat the disease.

This speaker opened up by saying that he first learnt about sugar after joining college. It was a time when quite a few people knew that human cells were coated with sugar. The speaker had gotten deeper into his notes in order to strike a better understanding regarding the topic. It was there that he discovered that the sugar coating in the various human cells resembled the sugar coating on a peanut. A section of people held on to the understanding that the coating made the human cells tougher or stronger.

The sugars on the human cells are very complex. Sialic acid is a form of sugar and scientist usually focus much on its density. The speaker affirmed that time had finally come for each and e very person to try and understand the term better. All the cells in the human body bear certain levels of that above mentioned sugar.

The speaker advices people to strengthen or activate their immune systems. It is the best way to fight off cancer. Cancer has claimed many lives and any approach that can help counter the condition is much welcome for everyone.