In the recent past, cities have been full of roughness and shadow, texture and color. They have been overtaken by creepy transformation even though there are still architectural surfaces of great individuality and character in apartment buildings. However, they are just in ordinary residences but they express the ordinary splendor of cities.

Apparently, part of these cities is becoming smooth according to Justin Davidson thanks to the new downtowns sprout towers. A majority of them are always being made of concrete and steel and covered in glass. The same army of high-gloss robots is marching over the horizon of many skylines all over the world.

But assemblies of glass towers suggest a disdain of urban living

More often than not tower buildings are intended to enrich just their owners and tenants. On the other hand, shiny towers are an invasive species, which are literally choking our cities and killing off public space. Clearly, a city’s surfaces affect the way we live in it despite its balconies facades, sharpening shadows and the glamor that gives them the theatrical quality.

There are many reasons that prevent public spaces from thriving one of them being architecture and the most important. Those which succeed have the combination of old and new, rough and smooth, neutral and bright colors thus they hardly make use of glass.

Architects and developers have begun to rediscover the joys of texture

 Glass has a limited ability to be expressive despite the magical powers it has of being able to multiply real estate values by allowing views. However, architects and developers have begun exploring new themes, which will bring joy to texture. Apparently, they do not have to back away from modernity to achieve their thirst for innovation. They have been using old materials like brick and terra-cotta.

However, architects can use glass in equally lyrical and inventive ways in as much it is very fragile. Furthermore, cities are places of concentrated variety, which brings together the world’s cultures, languages, and lifestyles.