Tiq Milan opened the speech to the audience, through explaining how she had met, and fell in love with her wife. She explained how in the space of 72 hours, or three days, her current partner, Katrin Milan, and she had sent over 3000 messages to each other.

In this time, Milan explained how they had learned everything about each other from the gecko, and new that they would end up courting each other. Furthermore, Milan informed the audience, that one of the first things they had done, was completely open and honest about who they were.

For example, Milan explained how she was a transgender man, and she informed Milan that she was cisgender. Mrs. Milan went on to explain how in the current society, those who are queer or involved in queer rituals, are taken out of the box of society, whether on purpose or not, it is a real thing.

What this marriage meant to them and society as a whole

Both partners who addressed the audience made it clear that they had one thing in common. This was mainly the fact, that due to their perceived oddities society had treated them differently, almost to the point of being cruel.

The couple went on to explain how they found, that the fact that they were queer, aided in the process of bonding, and accepting each other. Furthermore, they explained how they perceived their marriage as inspiration to all those who are enduring society as LGBTW folks.

Challenges that the couple has faced and how they have overcome them

The couple did explain, that sometimes they do find being together difficult, and trial worthy. However, despite all of their fights, they still manage to come together stronger at the end of It. In fact, the couple explained that one of their biggest fights occurred while writing the very speech that they were delivering to the audience.

However, despite all of this, they say that society has turned those who fall under the category of LGBTQ2SIA into a community of evolution. A community, where no-one gets left behind. Thanks to society, the partners state, it was possible to learn to love no matter where, when or how.