Umbraphile David Baron will be closely following on all the rare events associated with upcoming total solar eclipse. As a matter of fact, the moon’s shadow will be racing from Oregon to South Carolina. It goes without saying that this will indeed be the most awe-inspiring spectacle in all of nature. The speaker believes that it will be a great idea if everyone will grasp the opportunity to experience the rare occurrence and all it comes along with.

The inspirational speaker opens his talk by making a few revelations regarding his life and career. First and foremost, he outlined that he wasn’t some mystical, spiritual sort of person. On the contrary, he was a science writer. In college, he studied physics and later on he became a science correspondent for NPR.

Later on, he worked on a story for NPR and it was at this point that he was advised by an astronomer. This astronomer had challenged his outlook, a matter that changed his life completely.

In a total eclipse, the moon blocks the face of the sun completely for about two to three minutes. This is what creates what a lot of people see as the most amazing spectacle in all of nature. The astronomer wanted the speaker to enjoy all the best things in life. He advised him that before he died he needed to ensure he experienced a total solar eclipse.

It must have been a little uncomfortable for the speaker to hear such words, especially coming from someone he knew quite little about. He felt that it was a little weird. The words had some tinge of intimacy but it was undeniable that it caught his attention. It is for this reason that he delved deeper into research.

At first, it looks like the sun has a little notch on its edge. With time the notch grows larger and larger eventually turning the sun into a crescent. It was very interesting. Later on shadows become strange, a cool wind kicks up. One notices running lights on boats and much more.