Patrisse Cullors was the first to answer the question of why start ‘Black Lives Matter’ and in order to explain it, she explained parts of her child, and how she and her family, were heavily oppressed by the law enforcement of this era.

Cullors went on to explain the various problems that black people, more specifically black women face in terms of things such as paychecks and so forth. She also emphasized that in order to better our community, the best way to start is from the roots, helping those who are oppressed to rise to a state of equality amongst men, and women, who are white.

Opel Tometi, when questioned, simply kept her answer to its all down to trusting your team, she explains how she works with her team, and this interdependence, she finds is the best way to counter the building racism in society.

The importance of black leadership

Tometi then goes on to explain the importance of leadership. More importantly, she specifies, black leadership is an investment that is needed to be made throughout the world more effectively. She then goes on to explain her various beliefs on leadership, and why it is important to pay close attention to.

She emphasizes that it is hard for black women to take on positions that involve leadership, as there are hosts of problems that arise from this conundrum, most of which, are stagnated from the hidden racism behind closed doors.

How the members of Black Lives Matter are inspired to keep doing what they are doing

Tometi was the first to explain what inspires her to keep the work she is doing, going well. She explains that her inspiration comes in the form of immigration. Whereas Alicia Garza, explains that her inspiration spawns from the leadership of the older generation, the generation who still steps up and seem to declare that they will light the way, and then pass you the torch to continue their paths for them.

To conclude their interview, Garza stated that it is important for people who want to work to make changes, does it. She states that those who wish to help, should not just sit on the couch but get up, leave the house, and join the Black Lives Campaign to make a difference.