After over a century since the discovery of beautiful archeological sites in Peru by Hiram Bingham, a Yale graduate and professor, Sarah Parcak, who is an archaeological enthusiast is seeking to advance the efforts started back in 1911.Machu Picchu is one of the earliest and among many sites as the Moche pottery and Nazca lines that Sarah and her team are seeking to bring closer to the people across the world.

In their bid to make Hiram Bingham’s seemingly impossible dream a reality, Sarah and her team are seeking to use state-of-the-art technology in mapping the whole country, focusing on the satellite imagery to share the exploration adventure in what she calls a ‘more open and inclusive way’. She is further dedicated to collaborating with other organizations in achieving this prospect of expanding the existing sites and discovering more the world over.

The good news to the Peruvians is the advantage that this whole exercise is going to have on their side. With a large number of archaeological sites neighboring poor communities, having a change for the people near these sites is essential. It is for this reason that the team is taking the initiative to change the face of the people around these sites, especially by empowering them economically. With this having been one of the SPI’s relentless effort in helping women to transform communities living near archaeological sites, it goes without saying that training them on making handicrafts for sale to tourists as well as educating them on managing the businesses is one of Sarah’s team’s initiatives.

With Peru being the beginning point, this program is expected to spread the world over, with the team welcoming on board professors, educators, students and archaeologists from various parts of the world to team up in advancing this dream to new levels. Sarah says it is interesting that already many people around the world are responding positively to the call and promising their input in the adventure, with a number of other archaeological sites being proposed for the next move.