Futurist and social scientist Robin Hanson addressed the topic of “ems” which are machines known to emulate the human brain a huge deal. They have the ability to think, feel and work the same way the brains they copied from work. He delved further into the topic to touch on a possible future where ems will be taking over the global economy, operating on the superfast computers as well as copying to multitask. According to the speaker, all the people around the globe will be compelled to retire forever.

The audience was taken through a journey into a strange future where robots would take over humans and rule the earth. Getting to that point will of course begin with the accumulation of smart software.

There will also be a great need to come up with cheap, fast, parallel computers. The experts will the scan the individual human brains in chemical and spatial detail to learn the exact location of the various cells and what they will be connected to.

Another major point of interest will be to get the computers to learn the way the various brain cells usually work. In line with this will how they take up input signals, how they change interval state and how they send out signals.

Putting all the above stipulated aspects in a single computer model will make it operate in a similar way to the entire human brain. It will be talking back at those instances where humans talk to them. They are expected to take commands by word of mouth from humans.

Humans have over a number of decades talked about the matter deeply. However, a large number of them are quite pessimistic. They have asked a lot of questions regarding it. People do not see virtual reality as being entirely real. However, it is the opposite when it comes to ems. To them, virtual reality will feel as real as any human would feel while inside a room. Experts also admit that ems will be associated with some more action possibilities.