Musician, student and TED-Ed Clubs star Anika Paulson is a firm believer in the idea that indeed music is everywhere and it is everything to humankind. She has great passion for the guitar and using it she plays through the all the beats of her life .It is usually an exploration of the way music connects humans and also gives them a sense of who they truly are.

Plato once made a statement outlining that music gave a soul to the universe. According to him, nothing could do better than music when it came to giving flight to imagination. He added to say that it gave wings to the mind.

The speaker admits that music has been a big and special part in her entire life. She asserted that music in a major way drew humans towards each other eventually connecting them in rather amazing ways.

In making her statement, she encouraged all the creators of music to keep up the fight. It would help them as well as give their audiences a great time asides from helping them discover themselves.

Creating and listening to music is definitely the way to go whenever one is feeling bored, happy, sad or even stressed. Music worked for the inspirational speaker for many years.

In her early stages in life, she started with learning how to play a piano. Later, she resorted to learning how to play a guitar and she became quite good at it. By the time she was joining High school, music had already become a part and parcel of her life.

To enhance her skills, she joined numerous bands and became an active participant of a number of the musical fine arts events. Music was all over her life and she asserts that it actually gave her a place to belong.

The theory class in high school was the best class she ever took according to her. It helped her learn quite much about music .In those classes, learners listened to songs, analyzed them and discussed everything they entailed. As a result she grew to become pretty good in the rhythmic dictation.