Michael Shellenberger began his speech by introducing to the audience that he comes from California, and at first, he believed that we are in a clean revolution – at least until they went and researched the statistics.

The Clean Revolution Crisis

Michael goes on to inform the audience that despite these enterprises and governments working on developing clean power; the numbers are showing that clean power is being used at a diminished rate despite the hopes of development.

Michael further explains how one of the best and safest clean energy sources – Nuclear power has declined the most out of the various sources. Michael explains this is due to people’s unfound fear at the waste, the radiation and of course of the possibility of the development of weapons.

Upcoming Solutions To The Energy Crisis

Michael discloses to the crowd about how there was a lot of anticipation for a particular thorium salt reactor; he further announces his disappointment when it was discovered that this reactor would only become available to the public in 2040.

Michael states that there is already a reactor that is being commercialized, this reactor – he goes on to inform the audience; is a high-temperaturegas reactor; the problem with this Michael stated, is the fact that it is rather large and rather bulky.

Michael then explains the waste of nuclear reactors, emphasizing that despite the common belief it is not as dangerous as one may think.

Furthermore, he informs his audience that the belief that nuclear plants will lead to the development of nuclear weapons is quite the opposite from what actually occurs. He explained that they take already functional nuclear weapons and use the plutonium in the warheads in order to fuel the nuclear power plant.

Michael briefly illustrates a conversation that he had with Bill Gates; where Gates had explained to him that the problem was not in the production line and development, but rather in the global demand. Michael told the audience that Mr. Gates had come to analytical conclusion that not enough people are interested in these products

Michael concludes his speech by motivating the crowd to accelerate nuclear advancement programs. Stating lastly that the problems of the clean energy crisis reside not in our machines – but in ourselves.