James Beacham began his speech through introducing the audience, to his perspective of modern day science. He explains how since he was a kid, he has been searching for a connection between our smallest particles, and that of the enormous scale, which we call space.

Beacham explained how this was a major inclination of disaster to modern day science, due to the fact that everything works until one tries to connect the two, and from there – everything goes downhill.

What Beacham is doing now as a physicist

Beacham explained, that currently he is occupied as a particle physicist, who found himself working with the 27 km Large Hadron Collider. In order for the audience to better understand the project that he was working on, he informs the audience that this machine works, by accelerating two particles as fast as possible.

As the name states, he continues, the machine than collides the particles into each other, and see what the results of the collision creates. He explained, how this machine itself, was an innovation of science, which took not only a long period of time but thousands of brilliant minds, to make it work as well as it does.

Beacham then explained how, he and his colleagues, had their moment to shine with the Hadron collider, and in the end- a small bump, was unveiled. Beacham then went on to inform the audience, how this tiny bump in the line of particles, created a lot of speculation, and eye-brow raising in hopes, that it would unveil something, which would help analysts to revolutionize theoretical modern day science.

The future of science

However, Beacham then continued to tell the audience, that in the end, this bump ended up being a disappointment, which once again caused a lot of eyebrow raising.

However, he went on to explain that this does not mean the end for research into the matters of more than three dimensions, nor the connection between space and the smallest particles. In his opinion, this is just where the real exploration begins.

To conclude his speech, Beacham states that science is going to require people forced to think in new, intriguing ways, and more new meat, needs to be encouraged to take on age-old problems. In the end, he explains that the pioneer of science may not be around, or she may be in school, crushing her tests. However, in the end, science is a study, which many ask the wrong questions, and they require just one to find the right questions to ask.