Manoush Zomorodi spoke elaborately regarding the connection between spacing out and creativity. Humans will most at times have their most creative ideas while washing dishes, folding laundry or doing nothing in particular. Most of the people cannot explain this.

The best explanation is that whenever the human body goes on autopilot, the brain gets busy forming new neural connections that do much connecting ideas and eventually solving problems. It is high time that people around the globe appreciated the various instances of boredom because they are associated with a number of amazing benefits.

This speaker revealed that when she was pushing a stroller a lot of brilliant ideas crossed her mind. She wondered what happened to human minds whenever they got bored. But it was crucial to first and foremost think about exactly what happened whenever any given human being wasn’t bored. Another interesting perspective would be to consider exactly what could happen if any person chose to get rid of the emotion entirely.

Thinking along these lines is what led the speaker to find cognitive psychologists and neuroscientist and engage them fully in line with the topic. She found their perspectives rather fascinating.

According to them, whenever humans get bored, they end up igniting a network in the brain called the “default mode.”The human brain is busiest during those instances when one is walking to work or folding laundry.

Daydreaming is a good thing. It allows the human brain to wander eventually thinking beyond the conscious and a little bit into the subconscious. This gives room for some sort of unique connections and it is really awesome.

In the default mode, the human brain connects disparate ideas and it is at this point in time that the various people end up solving some of their most nagging problems. It is at the moment that they carry out the autobiographical planning. It is a time that each and everyone looks back at his/her life. One notes all the big moments and moves head to come up with a personal narrative. What usually follows is the set up of goals and figuring out of the various steps needed to reach those goals.