Robert Sapolsky tells of a fascinating theory of the weirdness of the human behavior.

A typically confused human

He explains his fantasy of the plans of the evilest and wicked souls in history but the problem lies in his unbelief in souls or evil. He believes wicked is found in a musical but he would love to see some people killed, but then again he is against the death penalty. Basically, he is the typically confused human where violence is concerned.

People generally hate violence, the wrong king but when it is the right kind, they cheer it on. It becomes very boring to understand the motoric aspects of behavior. The challenge lies in trying to understand the biology of the context of behavior.

One thing that is clear is that every bit if the behavior has multiple causality levels. Such as mistakenly shooting at a stranger thinking they are after you only to realize that they were actually harmless. But the damage is already done.

What causes behavior?

Amygdala is the region of the brain responsible for violence, fear and initiates volleys of cascades that result to pulling the trigger. The environment can also result in violence. It impacts the amygdala.

Chances are if the person ‘attacking’ you was male, of different race and high built and probably you were hungry, tired or angry, the frontal cortex which is the part of the brain that prevents amygdala from acting was not working well.

To understand the behavior if it is appalling, wondrous or confused, there is need to understand there is also the need to take into account what occurred seconds earlier on to a million years prior and everything else in between. This is quite complicated.

The solution

But that can be solved by changing the circumstances and this could take place in seconds or hours. People need to study history than work towards changing it for the better. Those who fail to study the history repeat it and this applies to those who fail to study the history of human change or the biology of what can change the worst behavior to the best one end up repeating the incandescent and magnificent moments.