Emily Parsons-Lord began her speech by making the audience question their beliefs, on what air is, where it comes from, how we experience and interact with it. She explains how the majority of the time, air remains unnoticed unless there is a pungent smell, or something equally sinister.

Lord then goes on to explain the concept of air, how it is various gasses, which exists and is retained in our atmosphere, thanks to a nifty feature, which we call gravitational pull. She then goes on to link this theory, through quantifying the magnitude of how important air, oxygen, and everything invisible around us is.

How Air can be compared to art

The next concept Lord broaches the audience on, is the difference in various types of air. She explained how she did a project in 2014, where she created different era’s of air, based on what has been discovered, and as Lord explained it, the experience, was sublime.

Lord explained that there have been different categories of air, for example, she lists out what scientists refer to as ‘the era of giants’. Essentially, as she explained it, during this time, giant tree’s were capable of outputting tons of oxygen, and essentially re-growing itself.

As Lord explained, this meant that the oxygen level on Earth back then was double the richness, making it a lot better for sustainable growth, and giant spiders. However, contradictory to this era, she links the next significant one, ‘Air of the great dying’. Lord explained how this was believed to be the era, to which dinosaurs were wiped out, oxygen levels had dropped to below half of what they currently are.

The importance of climate change and air

Lord then begins to broach the political topic of climate change, as she explains it, Climate Change, should not be a political struggle between corporations and entities, it should be a personal strife, for each individual, for without air, there will be none of us left anyway.