Ashton Applewhite has been appealing to everyone to observe aging from a better perspective. According to her, it is neither a disease that needs cure nor is it a problem that needs fixing. She observes aging as a natural, powerful, lifelong process that sparks a sense of unity for each and every human being on earth.

The speaker says that the problem begins from the brain. It is about the way anyone perceives aging and how she/he feels about it in general. It is crucial to strike a better understanding regarding where the feeling of insecurity over aging emanates from. After that, one should move ahead and stipulate the purposes they serve.

Taking time to look into longevity helps a huge deal. Establishing a consciousness raising group should follow afterwards. You don’t have to keep quiet the moment you come face to face with ageist attitudes and behavior. It helps joining forces with youngers and olders to render ageism unacceptable. Dismantling the various associated prejudices is recommended and should be upheld at all times.

By taking up all the right measures, the speaker believes that it is indeed possible for all people to start feeling good about growing older. In fact, one may come to that point of wondering why quite few know about these things.

Discrimination and stereotyping on the basis of age is a reality globally that has ended up frustrating lot of people especially those of an advanced age. It is recommendable that any person develops confidence in himself or herself. Taking great pride in ones capabilities is another advisable thing to do. It helps one feel amazing and as a result can’t be swept away by the stereotyping and negative attitudes.

As a matter of fact, it is wrong to allocate resources by either sex or race. If that is wrong, it would also be wrong weighing the various needs of the young against the old. The aspect about most people showcasing reluctance to becoming old is also a bad idea. Focusing one’s mind in such a manner may end up hurting one the moment reality unfolds.