Soap operas feature both false stories and characters. In fact, they are larger than life according to Kate Adams. However, the entertainment in the exaggeration is only felt by the fans whereas those who are not fans will describe it as melodramatic or unsophisticated. Apparently, Adams has been a big fan since eight years when she was the assistant casting director on “As the World Turns.”  Her roles involved watching soap operas, reading soap opera scripts and auditioning actors to be on soap operas thus she is so conversant with the stuff.

Sadly, there are those who may think that watching soap operas is a waste of time. However, this is not true because more often than not, they reflect on life. They have big and adventurous storylines, which can be tagged as life lessons.

Let’s explore the life lessons that soap operas have to offer

We have all at some point in life been faced with vulnerability to situations. Life can sometimes feel just as dramatic with cycles of tragedy after tragedy. However, soap operas come in handy in helping us push away doubt and instead replace it with capacity for bravery, adaptability, and toughness. The soaps are more of scripts, which we flip through while crafting our life stories just life those of the characters. Surrender is not usually an option especially when we chose to believe that there is a way around whatever situation.

Soap operas also help us drop our egos, which creates in us the ability to accept accountability for our actions and our inactions. While at this, we must acknowledge that soap opera characters are not supposed to be static. They must grow in shape. The changes they endure give us transitions and particularly on our characters.

Does recasting happen all the time on soaps: What is there to adopt?

Adams explains that recasting is on soaps can be associated with the evolvement in our lives. She says that we have the power to make the first move towards change. We don’t have to wait for surprises to slam our faces. Instead, we need to breathe life into our characters because we will all experience what looks like an ending.