Harvard Law professor Ronald Sullivan has over a long period of time dedicated himself to freeing the wrongfully convicted persons from jail. To be more specific, he has by this time succeeded in freeing about 6,000 innocent people while at the same time striking a perfect balance between such activities and his career.

He had quite much to share in his last talk. The audience got to hear and learn from the various heartbreaking stories of how (and why) people end up being put in jail. As a matter of fact, quite a significant number of people end up in jail for crimes they never committed .It might be difficult for a lot of people to believe this. However, it is the reality on the ground. Living with the consequences of the mistakes of others is even more difficult than living with the consequences of one’s mistakes.

Humanity binds everyone on the face of the earth and it is crucial that each and every person goes out of the way to try and make the world a bit fairer each and every passing day. It is possible provided one is dedicated to doing it.

The professor had a pretty difficult time trying to advocate for the release of the innocent persons, more so considering that this was a matter that quite a few knew existed. Getting the support he needed would many at times prove rather difficult.

Some time back, the speaker received a call from the Brooklyn District Attorney. The official had reached out to the speaker in a bid to find out whether or not he would be interested in coming up with program called “conviction review unit.”

Fundamentally, the review unit is simply a unit in the prosecutor’s office. With the unit, the various prosecutors are able to look back at the past cases and this gives room for them to find out whether or not they might have committed mistakes in their past cases.

The speaker is proud about what he does and he says that he won’t stop in his quest to fight for the delivery of justice to the innocent.