Kate Marvel is a climate scientist that believes that climate change is a real predicament facing the world today. She supposes that people don’t understand much about the effects of environmental change. There is much that should be done to fix things before the global warming gets worse. Marvel unleashed the reality of the situation during her recent speech at the official TED conference on what might take the world to overcome its own fever.

Based on Marvel’s findings, clouds play a major role in the climate science. People may not understand how clouds could react when the Earth heats up. Clouds can slow down the global warming effects and maybe give people time to put things together. The more the cloudy days the better chance to save our planet. Clouds are also significant in regulating the temperatures of the Earth planet. If all clouds disappear, the Earth will face severe climate changes.

Carbon dioxide is a gas emitted from the greenhouse, and it continuously heats up the sky without our knowledge. People assume that things will remain the same despite the impact caused by human activities to the environment. To understand the climate change aspects, it’s critical to study the climate models. Several different climate models can capture the warming effects and how the future is likely to turn out.

Clouds provide sunshades from the scorching sun rays; they turn back to space about 20% of everything that the Sun sends to earth thus making the world cooler. Clouds are also essential in regulating the earth temperatures by blocking the heat coming from the planet below. Therefore, there are clouds that give sunshades, cool the planet, and other clouds that act like a greenhouse, by warming the earth.

It’s evident that climate change is happening because there is rising of temperatures, melting of ice caps, shifts in rainfall patterns, and also the changes in the clouds. As the earth’s temperatures rise, high clouds also rise up moving further in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, these high clouds make the global warming worse since they don’t control the heat on earth anymore. According to Kate Marvel, clouds will not save the Earth; it’s up to the people living on the planet.