It was in Wednesday when a rescue crew moved out in an effort to free two people from a hotel. Reports indicate that the two had been trapped after the ground floor of the hotel caved in. And that was in line with the recent earthquake that struck Taiwan’s east coast eventually taking away the lives of four people.

The other unfortunate incidence was that about four monumental buildings were shaken and they caved in resulting in destruction of a huge chunk of properties.

It has also been reported that about 225 persons sustained injuries in the incident. To this point in time the whereabouts of 140 others remain a mystery and that is according to revelations by the Taiwan’s official Central News Agency.

The same agency also went ahead to say that from its investigations it had discovered that an employee working with the Marshal Hotel had gotten killed after the ground floor caved in.

One of the rescue workers while talking to Taiwanese broadcaster TVBS disclosed that as a team they were making joint efforts targeted at rescuing more employees. And at the same time a large number of close family members are waiting to see what comes out of the rescue activities.

The team managed to rescue another maintenance worker and upon being interviewed he said that the force of the earthquake was the most unusual thing he had ever experienced his whole life. He attested to the fact that it was a rather awful experience being trapped in the Marshal Hotel’s basement and thanked the team for their efforts.

Chen Ming-hui after being reunited with his son and grandson was asked several questions by a number of journalists. He said, “At first it wasn’t that big .We get this sort of thing all the time and it’s really nothing. But then it got really terrifying. It was really scary.”

In this particular operation, the rescuers could be spotted using ladders, cranes and ropes in their undying efforts to get the large number of residents to the areas of safety.